Samsung washer and dryer, not so common issues

It only takes a quick search on the internet to find common issues with any given appliance. But today we would like to talk about less known problems with Samsung washers and dryers that our technicians ran into over the years.


Few month back a customer called in with the complaint that their Samsung dryer start running as soon as the door is closed but no heat is present. When our technician arrived on site, it was determined that dryer in fact starts running as soon as the door is shut but control panel is not lit up. While door is closed dryer control panel can be turned on and cycle started at this point heating starting to work indicating proper operation of heating element. After removing top cover to access the control board it was determined that motor relay on the board is stuck closed causing the motor to run as soon as door is closed. Few days later the part was replaced and dryer returned to its proper working order.


Another time our technician were called for a Samsung washing machine that according to customer does not finish cycle and stuck on 7 minute mark not spinning the clothes dry. Upon arrival to customer’s home our technicians performed diagnostic of the washer to determine if any error messages were saved in the memory. Code 3E was saved. 3E error on Samsung washing machine means that motor is not able to rotate the drum freely. First thing to check in this situation is wiring connection to rotor position sensor on the back of the washer. Often times with heavy loads the drum of the washer can “jump” causing stress on wiring harness causing the wires to get loose or break. If you are experiencing this issue with your Samsung washer most likely the main wiring harness will need to be replaced.


If you are experiencing this issue with your Samsung washing machine or dryer or any other appliance problem, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible. You can reach us by phone at 778-488-0397 or fill out online service request form on our web site