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Fridge Repair Service

Tri City Appliances Quality Service offers fridge repair service at affordable prices.


When it comes to essential home appliances, the refrigerator is certainly at the top of the list. Not only does it keep your food fresh and safe for consumption, but it also runs 24/7 to ensure that you have access to cold beverages.

Fridge Repair in Tri City

Tri City Appliances Quality Service is an exceptional provider of reliable repair services for all your home appliances. With a commitment to delivering prompt and efficient solutions, their team of experts is available six days a week to cater to all your needs. Our same-day fridge repair service ensures that you never have to worry about storing perishables in suboptimal conditions again. Trust Tri City Appliances Quality Service with all your appliance-related issues, and experience unparalleled quality and satisfaction every time!

Get It Fixed The Right Way!

Our diagnostic and service charge is ONLY $95+GST and can be applicable towards the appliance repair.

We offer quality maintenance and repair of electrical domestic appliances. We have experience in dealing with appliances of all major brands.

Affordable Fridge Repair Service

Our refrigerator repair technician has over twenty years of experience in the field, providing them with the knowledge and expertise to tackle any issue that may arise.

Whether your fridge is making odd noises or water is leaking underneath the fridge, our repair technicians have got the skills and expertise to handle your repairs. We service and repair:

French door refrigerators
Deep freezers
Side-by-Side refrigerators
Top-mount refrigerators
Built-in refrigerators
Bottom-mount refrigerators

We effectively fix a wide range of typical refrigerator problems.

For any brand of refrigerator, you can trust us for fast, quality repairs and replacement with factory-certified parts. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.
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