Samsung Ranges and Ovens

At Tricity Appliances we work with most major appliance manufacturers and have vast experience dealing with all sorts of appliance problems including the one we will talk about today, Samsung ranges and ovens.


First customer called in with complaint that Samsung oven is taking very long time to heat up. Once on site our technician talked to customer and found out some more details. Once oven eventually reaches preset temperature, oven seems to be working ok and food is cooked properly. To diagnose this problem technician pulled the oven out to access component hidden behind rear panel. With panel removed the first order of business is to check both bake, broil and convection element (if present) for continuity. With elements checked and deemed ok next component to check is oven temperature sensor. These sensors suppose to show certain resistance reading depending on ambient temperature, usually around 1080 ohms, this one checks out.

Most modern ovens are controlled by a control board that has series of relays that turn the elements on and off. After checking the control board on this particular unit it was deemed faulty and replaced with new part. Oven was tested with new part installed and reached desired temperature in half the time compared to before (around 10-13 min). Broil relay was faulty and prevented broil element to turn on to help preheat the oven.


Second customer called in with complaint that dual fuel Samsung range has no power to display but gas cooktop still works ok. Upon arriving to service call technician once again pulled range out to access components on the back of the unit. After all components were checked no faults or shorts was found. After reconnecting power to range power to display was restore but only to find display board with all light on and not responding. After another reset display went dark again and was deemed faulty. New part was ordered and awaiting arrival as part is special order. Customer was advised of possible delays with shipping but agreed to proceed with order.


If you are experiencing any issues with your appliances, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible.


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