Samsung dryer

We all really appreciate our appliances and cannot live without them, dishwasher is amazing and saves us time that we can spend with our families but one appliance that brings the most satisfaction is definitely the dryer, nothing beats getting into the bed with fresh and most importantly warm sheets. It’s a shame when dryer stops working or starts to make that annoying squeaky noise. At Tricity Appliances we carry many common parts for dryers to make sure it is repaired on the first visit.


Our technicians encounter all brands and types of appliances on their daily routes but one of the more common make and type is definitely Samsung dryers.


Like any other dryer, with age noises start to appear and the most common cause for noises are idler pulley and support rollers, these parts are usually inexpensive and relatively straight forward to replace.


Another issue that our technicians ran into in the last couple of weeks is complaint from the customer that Samsung dryer is not starting but makes humming noises. One of the causes for this could be clothing stuck inside blower wheel. Sometimes item stuck in the blower wheel can be removed by removing the lint filter but if stuck item is too far in, the front panel and blower housing will need to be removed. Another cause for dryer not starting and humming could be faulty motor. Good way to test whether it is the motor is to have someone start the dryer while holding the door switch in and turning the drum by hand. If the dryer starts and continues to run, motor is faulty.


If you are experiencing any issues with your Samsung dryer, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible. 

You can reach us by phone at 778-488-0397 or fill out online service request form on our web site