Recent service calls.

Recently a return customer of our called in regarding a Samsung washer in tenant’s suite that was working on wash cycle but when it got to spin cycle the washer would display 8C error code and would not spin clothes dry. When technician arrived on site he found dryer stacked on top of washer which makes service a little harder in case access is required to top of washer, which it was in this case. First things first, technician confirmed the error code and it was in fact 8C error code. 8C error code on Samsung washer indicates a problem with MEMS sensor or other name for it is Vibration sensor. On front load washers this sensor is usually located on top of the tub and connected directly to control board for the machine to monitor movement of the tub and adjust the load accordingly to minimize vibrations to allow fastest spin possible.

These sensors do not fail often and prior to replacing the sensor itself, it is important to make sure wiring harness of the sensor is in tact. After gaining access and removing control panel of the washer technician found that MEMS sensor wiring harness was pinched between control panel and metal front panel of the washer causing damage to wires. After removing the harness and repairing the wires, continuity of each wire was confirmed with multimeter and installed back into the machine. Finally machine was tested with a load to confirm successful repair.

Another return customer called in and asked us to repair a microwave. When technician arrived on site, customer advised that his Kitchen Aid microwave was showing message that the door was not closed and after customer slammed the door hard in attempt to remedy the issue, door is not latching at all now. After removing power from microwave by unplugging it, control panel was removed. After quick visual check it was determined that door cams came apart after the door was slammed hard. Cams were put back together, luckily the parts were not damaged. One of the micro switches was also replaced to remedy original problem of door not being detected closed.

Microwaves require this switches to be closed or opened in certain order to allow microwave to operate safely and properly. Micro switches are usually inexpensive and relatively simple to replace.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Samsung, Kitchen Aid or any other brand of appliances, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible. 


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