My Samsung washing machine is doing a breakdance.

Recently we had a customer who gave us a text with the complaint that his new “washing machine is doing a breakdance”… Based only on this information, we identified the problem instantaneously – failure to remove shipping bolts before use.


It might sound simple and even funny, but this was not our first time to hear that. Unfortunately, failure to remove the shipping bolts and retainers before first use may cause severe vibration and noise and lead to permanent damage to the washer.

When you buy a new washing machine, you should know that they leave the factory with bolts installed to stabilize the inner tub during shipment. These bolts are intended to be temporary and should be removed before the machine’s first use.


In our case, it was a Samsung front load washing machine that comes with shipping bolts inserted into the back of the machine. However, if you purchased a different brand, please review your owner’s manual to learn the location and how to remove the shipping bolts, so you can safely install and use your new appliance. Failure to remove this will void the warranty, will result in excessive vibrations during the spin cycle. So please refer to the appliance manual for additional guidance.

Also, you should know that it goes both ways. If you plan to move and transport your washing machine to a different location, always ensure to insert the shipping bolts back into place before transporting it. Avoiding shipping bolts while transporting the washer machine may damage the suspension, leading to tub vibration, damaging the tub, and other major internal parts.

Uneven load is another most common cause of when a washing machine jumps and bangs on the spin. Occasional jumping around may not be anything to worry about if it isn’t banging too much. A general rocking of a washing machine on a spin cycle may also relate to an uneven floor or an un-level washing machine.

However, when shock absorbers weaken or become damaged, unbalanced loads will cause the washer to shake or move, and the machine will often make a loud banging sound during the spin cycle. If the symptom is not corrected, it can lead to damage to other internal components.


If you are unsure why your washing machine jumps on spin or you cannot correct it yourself – call the specialists!


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