Ice-makers, the good, the bad and the ugly

As hot summer weather finally approaching, we are all looking forward to gather with friends and family for a nice back yard BBQ and what comes with BBQ? Correct – drinks! And what do drinks need? Ice! A lot of ice! Most modern fridges these days come with either and option for an ice maker and ice dispenser or come prewired for one, ready to install. But where is extra part, there’s an extra possibility of failure and today I would like to tell you about some of most common ice maker faults.


Most ice makers regardless of the brand are very similar in design and operation principle. Every ice maker has ice mold, motor, thermostat or sensor, arm and heater. One of the most common failures is problem with the ice maker motor. While motor itself can fail, also the contact inside the ice maker can burn out preventing it from functioning properly. Another common fault is ice maker not filling with water. There are number of reasons why ice maker is not filling with water. Above mentioned problem with contacts is one of them. Also water inlet valve is part of ice maker system and if faulty will prevent ice maker from filling and making ice. At Tricity Appliances our technicians carry a range of common components and parts in their truck stock to repair or replace your ice maker on first visit most of the time.


Some of the less common failures of ice makers are mechanical issues and user mistakes. Since ice make is most commonly located in the freezer, too much food in the freezer can cause ice maker arm to be stuck in “on” position making ice maker produce ice even after the ice bucket is full resulting in ice spilled in freezer sometimes preventing freezer door from opening or closing correctly. Too much product in the freezer can also push against the ice maker causing mechanical damage to its components such as arm or fill spout leading to improper operation or leakage.


If you are experiencing this issue with ice maker in your fridge or any other appliance problem, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible.

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