Electrolux dryer becomes noisy every 6 month.

One of the recent calls that we have received was a complaint from customer that their dryer becomes noisy every 6 month and requires cleaning.

As per customer another company came in to diagnose a noisy Electrolux dryer and found that blower wheel became clogged with lint. After cleaning the dryer worked well but noise came back about 6 month later. At this point our technician came in to diagnose a dryer to determine if anything can be done. After removing the front panel technician found that blower wheel is once again clogged with lint causing blower to become unbalanced leading to vibration and poor drying performance.

After cleaning and inspection it was determined that blower wheel is not damaged but due to design of the part (closely positioned wings) cause lint to accumulate on the blower rather than going out through the vent. After quick research it was determined that replacement part for this particular blower is made with further spaced apart wings eliminating the problem of clogging blower wheel. Part was successfully replaced and customer will no longer need to call service for the dryer.


Cause and effect

A return customer got in touch with us requesting to check the fridge in one of the rental properties of his. Tenant complained of fridge not being cold and freezer working intermittently but freezing poorly. At first glance it may seem like a sealed system where compressor is failing or system lacking refrigerant but problem turned out to be simpler and much cheaper to repair.

The fridge in question is older model GE refrigerator with freezer compartment on top and flat evaporator located between freezer and fresh food section. After quick inspection, condensation could be seen on the fresh food sealing indicating that cooling system is operational. Once evaporator cover was removed it became clear that evaporator fan blade is frozen in ice preventing air circulation causing poor performance. In case of this model drain hole is located in the centre of the freezer, right under the evaporator. Plugged drain hole caused water after defrost cycle to accumulate and refreeze blocking the fan blade. Once all the ice was melted fridge was returned to operation and all components were working properly once again.




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