Common front load washer issue.

Front load washer is great addition to any household. Front load washer are slick looking and extremely efficient. Their design came a long way since being first introduced and capacity increased greatly and is comparable to top load counterparts. There is a down side however, the door seal, sometimes called door boot, can be damaged or dislodged by clothes inside the washer.


Causes and solutions


Throughout last few weeks we saw a number of front load washers with some sort of door seal damage. There are number of causes for this to happen.

  1. Clothing items with sharp hardware. Many of our clothes have sharp zippers, accessories  and other design features that can cause damage to rubber of door seal especially on older washers where rubber boot is already weakened by mold and rot. The solution for this problem often overlooked. Many stores and grocers sell mesh bags of different sizes that can be used to wash clothes with zippers inside. Clothes such as jeans, jackets, hoodies should be put inside mesh bags, zipped up to avoid damage. Same goes for small items such as socks, undergarments, baby clothes to avoid clogging drain pump and avoiding costly repairs.
  2. Overloading. While overloading a washing machine can cause a number of problems, one of them is that heavily loaded drum can become unbalanced and will cause the drum to jump and possibly dislodge door seal from its seating position causing damage to seal itself as well as major leak. 
  3. Improper loading/unloading. It might not seem like a big deal but proper unloading of clothes from a front load washer is very important. While taking clothes out it is essential not to drag clothes along the bottom lip of the seal. Doing so will cause the lip to weaken and stretch and sometime warp causing poor seal between door seal and door glass leading to leaks.

Within Tricity area of Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Port Moody as well as Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge, front load washers are common and quite popular and as a result we at Tricity Appliances Quality Service have a vast experience dealing with all sorts of front load washers when they break down and in need of service or repair.

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