Appliance repair with squeaking sound

Recently, while working in our main areas: Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, we had a few customers who were complaining about the same issue: squeaking noise coming from their Maytag or Whirpool dryers. 


These customers called us directly for advice and/or submitted the online request form through our website @ Tri City Appliances Quality Service LTD. With our prompt response, they were able to express their concerns and get helped. After clarifying the information: make, model, and serial number, we were able to identify a possible issue and give them an approximate (free) estimate for the repair. 

Our consultation was based not only on our deep expert knowledge and experience but also on the information gathered from the manufacturer’s technical support. Before giving an estimate, we ensured that the particular unit (dryer in this case) doesn’t have any pending manufacture updates or recalls. In all cases, customers reported that the squeaking sound comes when the machine is running the cycle. Based on this information, we were suspecting few issues:


  • the rollers are “sticky on the shaft” 
  • or “drive pulley is broken” and not working correctly.


We scheduled the appointment for the same day conveniently for the customers, came, confirmed and fixed the issue. While providing in-house service, we followed all COVID-19 precautions putting the safety of our customers first. 

During the initial assessment, we ensured that the drum is moving well and without any noise. After testing the dryer with the light-weighted load, we could not hear any abnormal sounds, and the dryer functioned well. However, when we changed it to a heavier load, we heard the squeaking sound that the customers were complaining. This finding confirmed that the problem is the pulley. 

This issue is relatively easy to fix, especially if you have good access to the unit’s front. Note, if your unit is not older than 8-10 years, the manufacture has a universal part for both makes Whirpool and Maytag. We always recommend calling a professional technician for expert repair and the proper diagnostic. 

However, if you choose to complete this particular repair by yourself – you can do it too. Always consider your safety first before proceeding with the repair! If you work on any electrical unit, unplug it from the electricity first and only after ensuring that it is not powered – proceed with the repair or maintenance. 

Steps for the replacement of dryer pulley:


  • pull out your dryer from the cabinet (you need access to the back);
  • remove the main top cover: take a screwdriver and remove screws from the back, and slide-out the panel; 
  • remove control and the front panel (screws at the front);
  • remove bulk-head (4 screws);
  • disconnect dryer belt;
  • remove the drum;
  • you will see the old pulley there: remove the clip-holder and the old pulley;
  • with the paper towel and WD40, clean the shaft;
  • install new pulley with the clip-holder (comes with the package);
  • put everything back: drum, belt, bulk-head, front and control panel
  • check the dryer by moving the drum clockwise with your hand and making sure that it is rotating and staying in place;
  • connect to the power and turn on the dryer to make sure that the electrical parts are running and working correctly: put the load inside and make sure that the squeaking is gone;
  • if everything works fine – slide back the top cover, attach the screws at the back and slide the dryer back inside the cabinet.


Consider these instructions only as a suggestion and not as a legal guide to repair. 

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We also give three months parts and labour warranty. Our service call is only $85, and this will go towards the repair once you proceed with the complete service. 

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