Kitchen Aid range issues

Kitchen Aid range issues. (Gas and Electric)

Kitchen Aid is a Whirlpool Corporation owned brand making a range of appliances from mixers to fridges and ovens and everything in between. Kitchen Aid known for its great design and abundance of functions to bring your cooking to next level. However, like any other brand, even hi end ones, errors and malfunctions can occur.


One of the recent service requests our technician attended was for a Kitchen Aid electric range that according to customer did not cook food all the way through and showed an error related to overheating. During inspection technician completed a series of diagnostic procedures to determine the cause for such error. Firstly all components such as elements and other loads were checked for continuity and shorts. Both bake and broil elements showed proper resistance, temperature sensor was also checked and showed correct reading within specifications. Last step was to check electronic control for shorted relays. Luckily Kitchen Aid products come with built in diagnostic function and allow technician to quickly check individual relays to confirm proper operation. Unfortunately this particular control had faulty bake relay causing bake element to stay on at all times causing overheating issue. Main control board was replaced the following day restoring proper function of the range.


Another customer sent a request complaining of their Kitchen Aid gas range displaying error code F8E0 intermittently while using the oven. This error code is rather common and indicates a problem with cooling fan not reaching proper rotation speed causing inadequate cooling of internal oven components which could lead to damage of controls. This issue is present with both electric and gas ranges by Kitchen Aid. While the part is the same for both gas and electric range, the installation procedure is vastly different between the two. On electric ranges fan replacement is pretty straight forward and requires the removal of control panel to access the fan assembly. Gas ranges on the other hand require more disassembly due to positioning of the fan in relation to gas valves and manifold. In order to replace the cooling an on gas range, the entire cook top has to be removed followed by disconnection of all 5 burners from gas manifold to allow access to the fan. Once fan is replaced, steps are reversed. It is extremely important to check all connections for gas leaks after reinstallation. If all connections leak free, control panel can be reinstalled to finish the job. 


If you are experiencing any issues with your Kitchen Aid or any other brand of range or oven, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible. 


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Condensing dryers. Are they worth it?

Condensing dryers are great invention and great alternative to traditional dryers. Condensing dryers use a heat and airflow like a regular dryer but instead of exhausting hot air to the outside, they use a condenser to extract moisture and turn it into water to be drained later by user or directly to drain. Condensing dryer is a great option for someone who wants to save energy as condensing dryers use smaller heating elements and for those who don’t have an existing dryer vent to the outside such as older buildings and retrofit installations.


Last couple of weeks our technicians ran into a couple of condensing dryers with similar problems. In both cases customers complained of dryer stopping soon into the cycle or clothes not being completely dry after the cycle is finished.


First customer had a LG condensing dryer stacked on top of washer. First thing to check is to make sure customer emptied the water container if dryer is not plumbed directly to drain. Full water container will prevent dryer from working properly because dryer not able to extract moisture from clothes and will stop before finishing the cycle. If the container is empty but there’s still a problem, next item to check is the condenser.

Condenser needs to be clean of lint in order to perform its function correctly. Condenser’s generally need to be taken out and cleaned every 3-4 loads to prevent lint build up.


Another customer had Bosch condensing dryer that was also stopping before finishing the cycle. Customer advised that condenser is cleaned every few loads. Behind condenser, under a plastic cover, an area called sump is located. Water collects in sump area from condensation process and awaits to be pumped to a container or drain by a small pump. Often times this area gets clogged up with lint mixed with water clogging the pump preventing it from removing water. This issue usually resolved by cleaning the sump area but in some cases drain pump will need to be replaced.


If you are experiencing any issues with your LG, Bosch or any other brand of dryer, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible.

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