Usual symptoms, unusual problems

Here at Tricity Appliances we have an extensive experience with all sorts of appliance problems but until today we run into problems we have not seen before. Today we’ll talk about couple of cases that were not what they seemed at first.


A customer called in with a complain that the dryer is very noisy when running as if there is a coin stuck somewhere inside, customer also states that dryer seems to be getting too hot. When our technician arrived on site dryer was not used since previous day. Dryer was started and allowed to run for 10 min. No unusual noses were heard until about 10-15 minutes into the cycle. Once noise appeared technician decided to disassemble the dryer to check moving part for wear to determine the source of the noise. Once apart dryer components such as rollers and pulley as well as motor were checked for signs of failure of wear, none were found. After assembly dryer was tested again with the noise re appearing and drum becoming extremely hot. Technician then checked heating element for shorts to ground and determined that element is in fact shorted to ground causing element to stay on longer that necessary in turn causing components to become too hot creating drone effect through dryer cabinet. 


This other customer called in with a problem with their Hisense refrigerator. Customer stated that fresh food section of the refrigerator is too warm but freezer is ok and also display showing E4 error code. This error message has to do with evaporator fan not running which would explain refrigerator section being too warm. When technician arrived on site freezer compartment was taken apart to access evaporator fan. After checking the fan it was determined to be ok. Taking a closer look, technician found that connectors on the fan as well as thermistor were corroded. After repairing the connectors all functions were restored.


If you are experiencing any issues with your appliances, do not hesitate to contact Tricity Appliances Quality Service and we will be glad to set up an appointment to repair your appliance as soon as possible. 

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