error message F01

Error message F01

error message F01

Dryers Maytag, Kenmore, and Whirlpool are showing error message F01. This message indicates the main relay shorted out on the main board. Unfortunately, the board is not repairable and needs to be replaced. Call experts to fix this issue. If you choose Tri City Appliances Quality Service, we will provide you with the best possible repair along with a 10% discount on parts.

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Dryer making squeaking sound.

Dryer making squeaking sound

If your dryer (Frigidaire or Electrolux) starts making squeaking sound during the operation, there is a possibility that your bearing is worn out (photo#1: new vs old shaft, photo#2: old shaft support) and needs replacement. Replacing the full kit will help you forget about the problem for a long time. 
Call us if your dryer or any other home appliance needs a repair. 
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Stove smell gas all the time.

Smell gas in the kitchen. 

Customer report – smell gas all the time in the kitchen when using or not using stove.

Solution: the best is to check gas leak by bubble check – able to show really small leak any connection.
Electronic gas leak detector may not able to show small gas leak (start beeping right away- the best way to use bubble check like in the video)

To detect and fix gas leak in your appliance please call 

Tri City Appliances Quality Service Ltd. at 778-488-0397

If you smell too much gas, go outside and call the FortisBC Emergency Line at 1-800-663-9911 (24 hours) or 911.